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If you’ve broken your key in the door lock or your ignition, chances are you’re having trouble getting it out. That’s where Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store come in!  Whether it is the front door of your home or a grade lock in your business, choose Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store to complete broken key extraction process in a timely manner. Not only our lockmasters can remove your broken key, but then they can also offer a new key right on the spot.  

Broken key extraction: 

Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store Cold Spring, KY 859-568-2003Certain things are just unimaginable, yet they occur, such as breaking the keys off in the lock in an attempt to unlock the door. Sometimes, you didn’t even apply much force on the key to warrant the breakage. At this point, you should contact a locksmith as it is the wisest thing to do if you want to get the problem solved in a timely fashion. Whether it is giving us a call or locating us physically, Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store is the best choice, and there are many reasons why. 

We have all the necessary tools: 

At Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store, we have all the tools required for extracting the broken key from the lock. Some people might decide to do it by themselves, only to realize that they can’t proceed with the broken key extractionprocess without particular tools. No need to figure out where you can get such tools when someone else can come with all the necessary equipment and get the problem sorted out within the shortest time. 

Cost effective, in the long run:

It is quite affordable consulting an expert to carry out broken key extraction than doing it yourself or getting any other local locksmiths to do it. Removing the broken key by yourself will cost your valuable time and energy. Also, you will have to hire an expert to get the parts repaired or replaced. Why should you struggle with the job when our trained professionals can get it done easily? 

Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store’s locksmiths offer extra services:

After the removal of the broken key, you will need to repair or replace the lock. Can you do this by yourself? It is highly challenging and utterly impossible, isn't it? This gives you the reason to hire our skilled lockmasters to help you out with the broken key extraction. 

For extracting the broken key from your lock, call Cold Spring KY Locksmith Store today!  You can reach us on 859-568-2003.